How MediCloud 360 Saves You Time

Executive Summary

MediCloud 360 allows family care physicians and specialists to share a patient's data in a real-time, always-on fashion between different EMR/EHR systems. MediCloud 360 has focused on two very important roles in your data exchange. One is to provide a HIPPA & HITECH compliant security solution, the other is to successfully provide the smart cloud interface used for data transmission. Once a patient's chart has been approved for sharing, both physicians can view any changes made to the patient's records in a real-time fashion. Imagine a world where a patient could go to any doctor in any state or country and not need to have their medical records transferred or sent because they would already be available to your new primary care physician. With MediCloud 360 this is now a reality!

The Referring Doctor

Many times, patient data such as labs, radiology reports, and doctor’s notes need to be combined and faxed or mailed over to a referring specialist. With MediCloud 360, this is completely unnecessary. Once a doctor is connected with MediCloud 360, any specialists that you grant access to in your network can receive the selected patient's data that is already in your existing EMR/EHR system. Simply locate your desired patient on the MediCloud 360 platform, select the correct specialist, electronically sign the referral, and click send. When a physician adds a new doctor or specialist to his or her network they will be greeted with an option that allows them to view any existing patients that might be in both doctors EMR systems. This means if the doctor and the specialist both had existing mutual patients it would prompt them to share the data for each patient all in one shot. This eliminates the need for a doctor to spend time going through possibly thousands of patients to see who is a shared patient and who isn’t.
Only the desired specialist will get notified by his/her choice of notification options which currently include taskbar screen popups, email, or cell phone text messages confirming that you have allowed access to that patients data . The specialist then has the option to view the report in read-only mode or import the data into his/her EMR software. This can be done upon request at any time and as often as you like to ensure that your shared patient data is always up to date.
Once the specialist has seen the patient, the referring doctor will be able to download and view the relevant patient data in order to see the outcome of that visit. The data that is obtained will be in real time and include data fields such as patients profile, specialist notes, labs, and radiology reports.


HIE Features

  • Share Patients - With MediCloud 360, patients can be "shared" between doctor and specialist including any medical professional involved with that patients care. The data is provided directly out of your EHR systems.
  • Easy Data Retrieval - Either physician can access the patients data directly after each visit allowing them to follow up on the results of each care provider involved with the patients outcome. This helps the physicians to make important decisions in a more timely manner.

  • Live Access - Access "Shared" patient data when you need it most, anytime, anywhere with security that is not only HIPAA & HiTech Compliant, it's up to 6 times stronger than most financial institutions.
  • Save as PDF - The data you access can be saved with the click of a button as a PDF file to the location of your choice.
  • Direct Printing - Files can be converted to a clean HTML based format that can be printed or saved. This conversion is 100% automated, fast and requires the single click of a mouse.
  • Secure Messaging System - MediCloud 360's HIE Portal includes an internal 256 bit encrypted, 100% HIPAA & HiTech Compliant messaging system. Send a live message to any physician in your cloud. This can be useful in many ways to help provide better patient outcomes.

  • Notification Options - Multiple notification options are available for inbound messages and activity on patient data allowing you to be in close communication with the health care providers you work with most. These features can be turned on or off at any time inside a user's profile.

  • Direct Import - For ultimate ease of use MediCloud 360 offers physicians the full support of HL7 ready files. These files can be directly imported into your EHR system regardless of what EHR system you use. The files are displayed in an easy to see fashion with titles indicating what their contents are. This feature works with EHR's that support HL7 files only. Check with your EHR provider to see if your system supports the import of HL7 files. You may also contact us via phone or web form located here.


The Specialist/Doctor Receiving the Referral

Many times, a patient will show up at a specialist's practice and the specialist doesn't know why the patient is there. This wastes the doctor's time and frustrates the patient. There could be time and money wasted on duplicate labs and reports as well.

With MediCloud 360, the system notifies the specialist in real time when a doctor refers a patient over. The specialist can choose to be notified by screen popup in the lower right hand corner, email, cell phone text, or inside of a supported EMR software. The specialist is immediately granted access to the patient's data in either a real-time report or the specialist can import the data into their EMR software. In addition, the specialist will immediately have an electronically signed copy of the referral.

Live System Access Benefits

  • No Waiting - With MediCloud 360's HIE Portal, doctor's offices will no longer need to wait to receive patients data. Instead, they will be able to easily access the data from the original care providers EHR directly after the patients visit.
  • Always On - Access patient data anytime in real-time within minutes of the patients last visit with their health care provider.
  • Quick Communication - Send a message requesting access to patient records within seconds directly inside your personal dashboard.
  • Current Data - Reduce human error by knowing that all patient records provided within MediCloud 360's HIE Portal are 100% up to date. These records are "Pulled" directly from the sharing physicians local EHR system any time you choose.
  • Meaningful Use Compliant - MediCloud 360's HIE Portal is 100% compliant with Meaningful Use Stage 1 & 2 when used with any certified EHR system. To take the EP Attestation Worksheet please click here.