Connecting Electronic Medical Record Systems

MediCloud 360 is a Medical Software Development company that has created a Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform which is in many ways superior to most other HIE systems around. Our software connects primary care physicians, specialists, and hospitals independent of the EMR software they use. MediCloud 360 provides an affordable solution for physicians that saves them time and money., while creating a 100% compliant experience with Meaningful Use Stage 2 and 3 (proposed) and beyond  

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The Focus is on Health Information Exchange

MediCloud 360We are 100% focused on easy to use health information exchange software, it's the basis behind all of our products. Unlike other HIE software systems, we have no expensive equipment to purchase and no bulky or expensive hardware. In fact, with our support team, you can be connected to other physicians in as little as 15 minutes while taking early steps to being 100% compliant with today and tomorrow's expectation on meaningful use objectives.


helping physicians come together

MediCloud 360 offers a very easy to use web based portal that solves many communication issues and faculty time. Now a days it is becoming more common to see physicians coming together in groups in order to save on expenses, technology and billing. With the cost of healthcare facility upkeep on the rise it makes sense for physicians who work with one another to unite in order to provide better patient outcomes while saving time & money. Implementing the right technology is absolutely critical and can help to make or break the quality of a patient’s medical care experience.

Access multiple EMRs in live time

As physicians begin to group together it is typical that each physician joins with their own EMR system. These systems have cost physicians thousands of dollars up front and even more in time spent training all of their staff members on how to use them properly in order to fulfill their daily operational needs. When physicians begin to unite they quickly realize that all the different EMR’s they come in with do not communicate very well, and sometimes not at all. Deciding which EMR will become the primary one that everyone will use is a tough decision, especially since this means any physicians not on the chosen EMR will need to purchase and learn the new EMR all over again.


The Solution

MediCloud 360's HIE Portal resolves these issues by allowing all health care providers to share patient records with one another without the need to change which EMR systems they currently use. This allows each physician to keep what they have become used to and freely access patient records from each other’s EMR in a real time "LIVE" fashion.


The Many Benefits of our HIE Portal

  • Instant medical record turnaround time! Why wait 48 hours or more?
  • Save thousands of dollars on printing paper cost per year
  • Save money on ink cost monthly
  • Save on print per click cost with your printer supplier
  • Save faculty time gathering records for outbound referrals
  • Save your own time when viewing patient outcomes with partnering healthcare providers
  • 100% up to date record delivery. All records are within seconds of their actual creation


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