Qualify for Government Incentives

MediCloud 360 not only saves you time and money, it provides an easy to use solution that allows for better patient outcomes while EARNING you up to $39,000 in government incentives! MediCloud 360 will not just save you money; we will walk you through the process of applying for these incentives free of charge. Allow us to help you get the most out of today's tough times while providing better quality care to your patients!

The 3 stages of meaningful use broken down below

  • Stage 1 - To capture and share data
    • By using patient information in the EMR to track imprtant clinical problems
    • Communicate critical information to all care providers involved with each patient in a seamless manner.
    • Allowing the ability to report practice-level quality measures in a seamless fashion.
  • Stage 2 – To exchange clinical data
    • Use of your EHR for disease management & clinical decision support
    • Use to manage drug interactions and allergies using the EHR or HIE
    • Aallow your patients' direct access to their Health Records with ease of use
    • Demonstrate bidirectional, electronic health records with external public health agencies.
  • Stage 3 – To improve clinical data
    • Demonstration of improvements in efficiency, safety,quality
    • Utilize advance decision support inside the EHR System
    • Develop patient self-management tools within the EHR System
    • Create an improvement in population and public health outcomes

Below is an overview of the three proposed stages of the HITECH Act

Schedule of maximum government payments to a qualifying physician

  • 2011 - Earn up to $44,000
  • 2012 - Earn up to $44,000
  • 2013 - Earn up to $39,000
  • 2014 - Earn up to $24,000
  • 2015 - NO More Incentives
  • 2016 - NO More Incentives

You must show "meaningful use" of your certified EHR

During the first year of this program, you must be using a certified EMR, you must also demonstrate meaningful use of those records over any 90 day term within the payment years of (2011 or 2012).

In the second year, and beyond, the reporting period will be the entire calendar year. Here are some of the initial rules for demonstrating meaningful use:

  • You can qualify for the program through either of two mechanisms: 1) participation in Medicare and 2) through Medicaid, if 30% or more of patient encounters are with Medicaid patients. Maximum reimbursements are $44,000 and $64,000 under the Medicare and Medicaid programs, respectively. Under Medicare rules (the more common way to achieve meaningful use), all physicians qualify (midlevel providers do not qualify). Under Medicaid rules, physicians, physician assistants, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners qualify.
  • Through an Internet portal (yet to be established), you must register your EHR to determine if it is certified by the government.
  • 50% or more of your patient record documentation must be in a certified EHR.
  • You need to report on:
    • 1) Functional metrics related to your EHR
    • 2) Clinical quality metrics
    For functional metrics, there are 15 required core reporting measures and five optional measures that you select from a list of 10 items. Some of those measures include demonstrating that:
    • At least 40% of your prescriptions are written electronically
    • 80% or more of your patients have an active medication list
    • 80% or more of them have a medication allergy list
    • You perform medication reconciliation during at least 50% of your office visits
    • You use clinical decision support and electronic alerts
    • You record vital signs at 50% or more of encounters
    • 10% or more of your patients have access to their EHR through an Internet portal
    • You can exchange electronic data with a physician who is not in your organization
    • You submit immunization reports to a public health department through your EHR

Fortunately, if you attest that any of the core reporting measures are NOT clinically relevant to your practice, you can delete it from your list.

  • For clinical quality metrics, you must select six of 44 dimensions of care for reporting purposes, including three core measures and three alternate measures
  • Physicians who only work with hospitalized patients and do not have an outpatient practice; for example, internal medicine hospitalists and ObGyn laborists—are, currently, ineligible
  • If you bill Medicare with point-of-service codes 21 and 23 for more than 90% of your patients, you are ineligible for this program.
  • Typically qualified applicants will get paid within 46 days of attesting to meaningful use of the EMR. All Payments will be made to your billing entity's taxpayer identification number.
  • Learn everything you need to know about the process of attesting your compliance with Meaningful Use Stages in order to receive your financial incentives here.
  • If you are a MediCloud 360 Member and use a qualified EHR System than you can be saving thousands each year. To enroll for elligibility please follow the below link. February 28th 2013 is the final cut off to enroll for 2012 incentives. Please be patient as this enrollment page may take up to 30 seconds to display based on your internet connection speeds. Please begin here with the: Enrollment Application
  • If you would like more information about the incentives available to you for each year and stage of Meaningful Use please visit the CMS.gov Registration Page

Unfortunately there are also penalties if you do not make it in time!

When does a government program not have hidden penalties? Physicians who have not demonstrated meaningful use of a certified EMR by 2014 will be penalized with a 1% reduction in their Medicare fees every following year from 2015 to 2017 and, potentially, after that. The penalty reduction may increase to 2%, annually, if less than 75% of US physicians adopt an EHR.