Supported EMR Platforms

MediCloud 360 is a very customized system that we take pride in molding for each and every physician who uses it. This means that we are happy to support any EMR that you currently use. If you are interested in learning about our EMR addition process please contact us.

  • The process of adding a new EMR/EHR system normally takes 7-10 business day's and requires two appointments to be made with the requesting physician. These appointments can be done over the phone or in person for Arizona residing offices. These appointments may also be necessary for the physician you plan on exchanging information with.

    • Appointment #1 consist of approximately 30 minutes and will require remote access to your EMR server. This access is 100% secure. A live tech support staff member will walk you through the 5 minute one time connection process.
    • Appointment #2 consist of approximately 60 minutes and will require the doctor to confirm we are displaying the data that he/she would like to exchange properly. After this confirmation has been verified you will be ready to begin securely sharing data between yourself and other doctors of your choice.
  • Please note that the sole purpose of an HIE platform is to exchange data between your practice with other doctors, specialist, hospitals and anyone else you work with or refer to on a regular basis. If you are considering trying MediCloud 360 we offer a fully featured, zero cost 30 day trial for you and the physician you wish to connect with. The trial will begin 24 hours after you have been successfully set up on the MediCloud 360 HIE platform.


Selecting the right EHR/EMR System to Fit Your Needs

With over 400 EMR vendors in the marketplace today, it is common to feel overwhelmed by the choices that lay before you. Many physicians feel some anxiety about choosing the ‘right’ vendor or the ‘right’ product due to wide variety of EHR/EMR system around. MediCloud 360 can assist you in selecting the right EHR system to fit your needs. We have spent the past few years assisting physicians and specialist with help on selecting, installing and learning to use their EHR/EMR systems. We have collected plenty of good feedback about their likes and dislikes on many EHR/EMR systems’ in use and offer this information to help guide physicians with the process of selecting the right EHR/EMR the first time around. Remember that once you have chosen your EMR platform you will need to spend time familiarizing your office members and yourself on how to use the new system so selecting the right one is a critical decision.


Define your needs.

Start by defining your needs. Write down all the tasks your office currently carries out using paper or fax.  You want to make decisions about EMR products based on your functional needs and how closely a particular product matches those needs. Write down the top 10 or 20 functions you want an EMR to do for you. What are they? Produce consultation notes? Store critical lab data? Keep copies of your existing scanned paper charts? Produce e-scripts? Read your EMR mission statement and include some of those priorities.


Did you know that using MediCloud 360's HIE software combined with your choice of EMR systems makes your office compliant with Meaningful Use Stages 1, 2 and 3 proposed? To learn more about our efforts to ensure our clients are completely compliant with today's and tomorrows Meaningful use steps click here.